New dossier in English

Dossier including detailed Programme in English

Today we are happy to present the new Dossier in English, that includes the detailed Congress Programme. This is the definitive dossier, as there aren't any expected further changes.


Download it clicking here.

This dossier summarizes in only 6 pages, with an attractive layout: the organization, the prices, location, the detailed programme of the two rooms, references to the best known speakers and committee members, how to register and how to become a volunteer, as well as additional information about Contests, Kindergarden, web page and the atractive event "One Million Candles". Besides, the PDF includes hyperlinks that point to the main sections of the website.

For all these reasons, this dossier is probably the best tool to publicize the Congress. With a reasonalbe file size of 1.8 MB, it is ok to be sent by email to everybody.

¡Thank you for helping us to publicize the Congress!

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