International Pro-Life Conference in Toronto

Campaign Life Coalition Canada (CLC) is hosting and co-sponsoring the International Pro-Life Conference, "Creating a Culture of Life Around the Globe," in Toronto October 2-4 with Life Canada and the International Right to Life Federation (IRTLF).

From this page, we wish them the best luck and that the Conference will be a complete success!


As a clarification, this "International Pro-Life Conference" is completely independent from our "Prolife World Congress". They are different initiatives with the same goal. The prolife movement in the world is still very fragmented, unfortunately. Indeed, one reason is that it is a grassroots movement, it is basically a bottom-up process: hundreds of thousands of people in the world are turning conscious about what the world is doing with abortion, and we get organized in small, mostly local, prolife groups.These conferences try to make the society aware of this crime in different areas of the world.

On the other side, the culture of death has a top-down approach, very well organized. It has on its side powerful international organizations, backed by governments and even respected institutions. On top of that, millionaire donors and the mass media provide the public relations, presenting it all as a progress, and claiming it as a right, justified by compassion. An overwhelming tide of millions of dollars, euros, pounds and yens are spent year after year to keep it growing.

Obviously, we have a huge work to do. And we need everybody's hands, yours too!

Please consider attending this conference in Toronto. An impressive roster of speakers is waiting for you.

You can access the full news at LifeSiteNews , and download the Conference brochure.